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CryptoCom 2020 | Postponed due to COVID-19 | New Date TBD

In light of the ongoing developments surrounding the global impact of COVID-19 (the coronavirus) NetQash and CryptoCom has opted to postpone CryptoCom and move the dates from April 8th-9th 2020 to the fall of 2020. 

The content and conversation of CryptoCom is incredibly relevant in the present moment, and we’re already seeing the global impact related to both economies and currencies. We will continue to generate relevant content and keep the conversation moving forward so stay tuned  here.

New date coming soon!


This is a community connection event intended to provide educational seminars, thought leadership, and the seeds of strategic and technological solutions to industry leaders and executives impacting the future of money and community economies.

Cryptocom is intentionally designed as an immersiveeducational seminar and strategy experience.


From our carefully selected locations to the handpicked list of exclusive participants, this container of minds and material promises to be the highlight of your 2020 conference and ongoing education events.

Count this conference toward your professional development and register today!




Speaker | Jon Ungerland


Why We’re Here | A Brief Survey and Summary of Current Events

Panel session featuring Jon Ungerland and Chris Henry


Cocktails/Conversation/Pub Pontifications



Breakfast | Opening Context/Comments for Seminars

Speaker | Jon Ungerland


Opportunities, objectives, and optimal outcome for the day; a few comments about our roster of minds and how to engage with them for maximum return from your time spent with us here in Denver.


Economics of Engagement

Speaker | Chris Henry


Central banks across the world are rapidly coming to terms with the evolution of money towards a digital form, and how that impacts the economy at large. Could a digital currency like Bitcoin threaten the very need for sovereign currency, crippling the central bank’s ability to stabilize the economy? Is the death of cash an inevitable fact that requires the central bank to intervene, or, is it a desirable goal we should actively pursue? How will the answers to these key questions shape the future of our economy?  


As a former central banker, Mr. Henry shares his insider perspective on the ways in which new digital technologies present both challenges and opportunities. In this session, he will review concrete examples of how central banks and other regulatory bodies are responding, and how this ultimately impacts local financial institutions. Looking forward, he will posit scenarios for the future of money and raise key implications for local financial institutions.


FinTech, Local FIs, & the Probable Problems & Opportunities  of the Digital Asset Era

Speaker | Jon Ungerland


Is your institution positioned to stay plugged into future of money? Are you aware money is morphing? How will you remain relevant and profitable in the business of managing different versions and varieties of other people’s money? Surely you’ve read or heard about the Bitcoin and Blockchain boom; but are you aware of the fundamental technological and strategic risks inherent in these emerging movements and technologies?


During this session Mr. Ungerland will explore strategies and practical projects for your institution pursue as well as technological tips and realities which will impact your relevance in the emerging market of digital assets and crypto-economies.



Pannel session featuring Jon Ungerland, Dr. Russ, and Chris Henry


Closing Context

Speaker | Jon Ungerland


So, now what do you do?

Meet The Speakers

Jon Ungerland

Jon is an avid technologist and business phenomenologist ... AKA, a nerdy philosopher who likes working in and helping businesses - specifically financial institutions and non-profits.

Ungerland has been immersed in fintech, banking data and the business of deposits, loans, and digital transactions for nearly 20 years. Since 2011, Ungerland has been endlessly engaged in development and dialogue around alternative currencies, secure digital transaction technology, autonomous payments tech and networks, and cryptocurrency. His passion is to ensure community institutions and economies are prepared for the morphing of money; and that the digital evolution of assets and currency develops into democratic enrichment of local economies (rather than the demise of decentralized access to financial products and services). 

Jon has degrees from various fancy schools and such; but he doesn't like to talk about "The Ivory Tower."  Mr. Ungerland prefers to focus on practical solutions to immanent realities impacting local communities; and he values institutions essential to democratic capitalism and the liberty which stems from free commerce and private property. 


Chris Henry

As a former central banker, mathematician and economist, Henry shares his insider perspective on the ways in which new digital technologies present both challenges and opportunities. 

Henry has been in peer-reviewed publications ranging from topics in computer science to survey statistics, economics, digital currencies and more. 

Chris helped pioneer a cutting edge digital currency / Bitcoin survey with the Bank of Canada, in addition to leading a major survey project aimed at analyzing the future of cash vis-a-vis digital payments. His work continues to be driven by a curiosity of how and why people use digital currency, and how new forms of payment will revolutionize the economy, and has led to speaking engagements in academic, central banking and industry settings. 

Chris holds an MA in Economics and an MSc in Pure Mathematics. He is actively involved in local government, serving as the Town of Belmont’s Recording Secretary for the Select Board, Warrant Committee, Municipal Light Board and Light Board Advisory Committee, and Financial Task Force. 

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